Who We Are

Who We Are:

Founded by two Louisiana boys with a passion for fishing, Rougarou Tackle Co. is dedicated to making quality products affordable for the everyday angler. We’re wild about the outdoors, but we know how costly it can be to get out there. From our handmade jigs to our eco-friendly tungsten weights, we prioritize quality, affordability and unbeatable customer service.

Giving Back:

At Rougarou Tackle Co., we know that the future of our sport is in the hands of young anglers.  That’s why we have founded the Team Rougarou Junior Angler Program, which pairs young anglers with experienced mentors and gives them access to our professional-grade fishing equipment.

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What is the Rougarou?

Let us set the scene: It's after dark on a Louisiana Bayou night, the stillness is pierced by a monstrous howl. A snarling red-eyed monster stands before you, not quite a man, not quite a wolf.. in Louisiana we call that the Rougarou, Cher.

The Rougarou is a Bayou roaming creature born from Cajun French Louisiana folklore.  It is thought to have originated in Medieval France, at a time when folks actually believed in werewolves, and used these stories to keep their children in line.  Legend has it that the Rougarou changes from human to monster form on the night of a full moon, and that in human form it could be anyone. Your neighbor, your doctor... you? 

Here at Rougarou Tackle Co., we are proud of our Cajun roots and we hope the spirit of the Rougarou inspires all of you to live on the wild side, get out on that Bayou and fish wildly! 

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